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Edith Heath: Philosophies

Chris Marino, Jennifer M. Volland
300+ full colour
245 x 175mm
Fall 2020

Edith Heath: Philosophies serves as the definitive resource on Edith Kiertzner Heath (1911-2005) and the history Heath Ceramics, emphasizing the philosophical foundations and influences of one of the most significant creative forces in post-WWII America. Heavily illustrated, the publication features a range of content including an introduction by Heath Foundation Executor Jay Stewart and fifteen commissioned texts contributed by artists, historians, and academics, all of whom have conducted specialized research in the Brian and Edith Heath archives at the Environmental Design Archives (EDA) at UC Berkeley. This publication offers a substantial and in-depth commentary on the presented themes—the environment, feminism, experimentation, architecture, politics, collaborations—while also solidifying the relevance of Edith Heath’s story in contemporary life and society.

Highlighting the richness of the EDA collection, the book emphasizes lesser-known narratives and utilizes rarely-seen images. Edith Heath considered her dinnerware to be more than a collection of simple objects; rather it was a commentary on good design and what she believed was indicative of a West Coast lifestyle in post-World War II America. The interdisciplinary nature of the content and visually engaging illustrative materials appeals to both scholars and a general population interested in post-World War II design, material culture, and California history. Edith Heath: Philosophies departs from the traditional linear narrative of the company and situates Edith Heath as an influential yet under-acknowledged figure in the ceramics movement and design history.

  1. Chris Marino

    is the Curator of the Environmental Design Archives at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Design Books Series Editor, directing a full archival program for architecture, landscape architecture, and planning collections. Previously, she served as Reference and Outreach Archivist at the EDA, and as a Project Archivist at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Architecture & Design Collection at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum. Marino received her Master of Library and Information Science with an Archival Studies specialization from UCLA and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, San Diego.

  2. Jennifer M. Volland

    is an independent curator and writer based in Southern California. Since 2014, she has been researching the life of ceramicist Edith Heath; in addition to her editorial role on Edith Heath: Philosophies, she served as the consulting producer on the award-winning documentary Heath Ceramics: The Making of a California Classic (KCET Artbound, 2019) and is the consulting curator on Edith Heath: A Life in Clay (Oakland Museum of California, 2020). Her past projects include Cabin Fever (Vancouver Art Gallery, 2018), Frank Bros.: The Store That Modernized Modern (University Art Museum at CSULB, 2017), and Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life (Vancouver Art Gallery, 2013). She received her Master of Arts in Architecture from UCLA.

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  1. Edith Heath: Philosophies
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    Edith Heath: Philosophies traces the remarkable life and work of American designer, ceramist and businesswoman Edith Heath. The book brings together 14 essays about Edith's lasting impact on design, architecture and maker philosophy with over 300 full-colour archival photographs and historical documents.

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