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Information Office is an art book publisher and design practice based in Canada. The office approaches publishing as a meeting of curation and design, emphasizing projects that collaborate with artists and cultural institutions. The product of these collaborations are conceptually considered, remarkable book objects that stand as translations and extensions of an artist’s practice or temporal exhibition space.


Following a successful tenure as a graphic designer in both studio and art museum contexts, Derek Barnett formed the independent design studio, Information Office in 2006, which produced graphic design, websites, identities and art book projects with cultural institutions and independent contemporary artists. In 2017, Barnett began discussions with long-time artistic collaborator Jonathan Middleton of transitioning Information Office into an art and design institution. Middleton’s background as an established curator and facilitator in Canada's artist-run centre community, notably at the helm of Fillip Magazine, the Western Front, the Or Gallery, and as a member of numerous provincial and federal art advisory boards. Together, they realized publishing was a natural direction for the company, given their respective careers and individual personal interests in supporting contemporary artist publishing. In 2018/2019 Middleton left Information Office to take the helm of Art Metropole (Toronto) but remains a frequent collaborator with Information Office on special book projects.

Past and frequent collaborators include Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (Vancouver), Vancouver Art Gallery, Julia Stoschek Collection (Berlin/Düsseldorf), The Vinyl Factory UK, The Environmental Design Archive at UC Berkeley, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Simon Fraser University Galleries (Vancouver), Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver), The Polygon Gallery (North Vancouver), Schinkel Pavillon (Berlin), The Power Plant (Toronto), Ikon Gallery (Birmingham), Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Museu Picasso (Barcelona), and the Seattle Art Museum.


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Derek Barnett is a designer, art director and publisher. His investigative approach utilizes varied strategies of communication and visual design to foster an evocative and conceptually rigorous practice. Barnett is also the member of no fewer than five imaginary experimental music ensembles and a full-time armchair film critic.

Stephanie Rebick is an editor, curator and writer. Her work with artists and institutions aims at exploring space, practice and history through typology and dialectic relationships. Rebick's sharp eye, critical approach and refined taste also make her the master of keeping dark-coloured couture completely dog-hair-free.

Emma Walter is an editor, communications manager and educator. Her focus of amplifying an artist's work for their audience includes a critical eye to concept, materiality, production and interaction. When Walter isn't making sourdough pizza or ogling fashion-clogs online, she's chasing cats out of her vegetable planter.

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